Three Rules For Your First Date

Three Rules For Your First Date TMD

Many books, thousands of quotes and endless conversations have been held on how to handle the first date. Today we want to help you present yourself as a gentleman on your next date through three simple, yet timeless rules for the first date which will leave a lasting impression.  There are too many items to cover in one post on this topic but this is a great place to start.  We don’t always find love, but we can always present ourselves with class.

Three Rules For Your First Date:

  1. Prepare for the occasion mentally, remember who you are going to see, why you want to see them and open your mind and heart to get to know her. If you’re having a bad day for whatever reasons you need to remove yourself from that mood and really get focused on having a great time with your date. If it works out, you’ll have lots of opportunities to complain about bad bosses, unlucky days and not so friendly people, but tonight is not that night. It’s about having fun and getting to know who she is. Focus in on her smile, that joke she made, that gorgeous outfit she had on, whatever sparked your interest. The emotion and energy you send out is contagious so make sure it’s good. This may sound a little scripted, but  think about what you know about her, things you have in common and things that intrigue you. Remembering these items now and it will help you in the conversation later.
  2. Prepare yourself and your appearance. Do a few pushups, take a freshTMD DatingRules pm shower and shave. Steam your shirt, prepare a nice outfit and make sure your socks and/or boxers don’t have holes (yes I’m talking to you).  You want to feel good, look good and smell good, partially for her and partially for you. The last thing you want to be thinking about on your first date is “Will I have to take my shoes off if we make it back to her place?” Your appearance will say a lot about you, so just be yourself, but also show that you took time to prepare for this important event.  P.S. – Your car is also a representation of you, it doesn’t have to be new or luxury, but it definitely cannot make her feel uncomfortable to sit inside, have any foul odors or have anything offensive inside.
  3. Mind your manners, show etiquette and be a gentleman (regardless of how the date progresses). Get the door for her, make good eye contact, don’t swear, pay the bill, stay off your cell phone and treat your company and those around you with respect. Some say it’s old-school, but a good woman will appreciate the effort and if she doesn’t, her reaction to your candor may be an indicator of her character. In the modern world some say it’s soft, others say it could be fake, bottom line is that being a gentleman has it’s benefits, one of them is sweeping women off their feet.  If it doesn’t work out well, you can still walk away with your head held high.

We will elaborate on conversation starters, setting the mood, places to go and so much more in future posts so stay tuned and above all, have fun, be yourself and continue to be a gentleman.