PASS of The Week – People Acting Seriously Strange

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Welcome to this edition of PASS (People Acting Seriously Strange). Our top three strange stories include a fingertip Chinese salad, a deadly bet and the first ever monkey lawsuit.

1. Restaurant manager who allowed a cook’s fingertip to be served in a salad. A pregnant Cathleen Martin is claiming that she found a bloody fingertip in her Chinese chicken salad at an Applebees in California. Attorney Erik Traut has confirmed that the fingertip belonged to a cook. Weird News

It’s pretty sick that someone can find a freshly cut body part in a salad. It’s also unfortunate that someone lost a fingertip! But the best PASS must go to the manager that certainly had to know that a cook lost a fingertip and continued on with a business as usual approach.

A tip to managers – sometimes you have to make the decision to close down shop and upset some patrons, even if head office might not be happy. A publicity hit like this one, can surely damage the reputation of Applebee’s and legal fees alone will cost much more than a few hours of lost sales. We hope that it is resolved quickly.

2. Lawsuit on behalf of monkey. Serious monkey business. British photographer David Slater left his camera unattended in Indonesia while a “photographer” named Naruto used it to take a few photos including a selfie that has gone viral. By the way, Naruto is a rare crested macaque, a.k.a, a monkey…

Long story short PETA is attempting to sue the photographer because he did not credit Naruto with the copyright to the photo, meaning that the monkey cannot profit financially for his fantastic photography work.

In court papers the defended added “monkey see, monkey sue is not a good law”. This week’s number two spot goes to PETA for a ridiculous lawsuit attempt.

Strange Monkey Lawsuit PASS TMD

3. Man swallowed a foot-long set of iron tongs for a bet in India.  Needless to say the 27 year old was in critical condition at a hospital minutes later. It took 12 hours to repair the damage. We won’t mention the man’s name on here since he will surely be haunted by this act for a long time.

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PS – if there was a fourth place, it would go to this man’s friends who made the bet and watched him do this.

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