How To Defeat Despair

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So many people today are fighting despair. A sense of hopelessness is prevailing among the young and the old, the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor. Suicide rates in our nation are the highest per capita from any other nation in the world. This message is for anyone that’s facing despair, feeling lost and hopeless.

How To Defeat Despari Depression Anxiety Suicide

Before we begin, I have a confession to make to you. Yesterday, I failed. It’s not the first or second time that I’ve failed at this exact same thing. But I must shake it off and more importantly fight again today. I choose to fight again because I refuse to accept my errors. As difficult as the fight may be, the truth is that it’s not nearly as difficult as choosing not to fight anymore.

When we stop fighting to correct our errors, we accept defeat and that’s when despair sets in.

Despair, Adversity & Life:

Throughout all of my life experiences dating back to my childhood, just like every one of us, I’ve had to overcome and fight against despair. I was a refugee twice in two nations and had to start at the bottom, without speaking the language at all. I was a smoker for nearly 15 years and face the addiction to this day, even a year and half after quitting. I was a teenager driven by ambitions of riches that nearly led me down a very dark path. I am a man faced daily with decisions that define my future and who I am yet to become. I am a father looking through the mirror of my son’s eyes and facing the greatest self-critique in the face of adversity. I am a husband united in heart with a tender hearted wife and I struggle to show love. Consider how many challenges you have already overcome, how many you have faced on a daily basis. And I know that some of you are facing much more that what I have seen or can even imagine.

Defeat Despair Overcome DepressionWhat I have learned over the years is that it’s the small mistakes that we refuse to correct that cripple us. “If we give up during the easy fights, how can we stand strong against the giants?” Some fights will not be won in one day, some wars rage for years. The point is that we have to keep fighting. See here for our recent article equipped with four tools that you all already have to help you overcome adversity.

Win The Small Battles To Beat Despair:

If we stand strong on the small battles, we’re proving to ourselves, the world and our enemies (whether they be physical, psychological, spiritual, financial, etc.) that we are willing to fight. Every small challenge is an opportunity to build our resolve. Each time we stand our ground we weaken our problems/enemies and become more resilient to withstand adversity.

So how do we defeat despair? There is only one way – never stop fighting! Even when the battle seems impossible, don’t quit! If you want to come out of despair, pick up the fight again. Redirect your fear today, losing this battle may sound scary, but giving up the fight is truly worse. We are not designed with fearful hearts, but with power, love and sound minds.

Keep fighting.

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