How To Build Lasting Motivation

How To Build Lasting Motivation TMD

Have you ever been so motivated to do something that you jumped right in, got fired up, hit the floor running and within a few weeks just fizzled away? The majority of people are caught up in this cycle and live in small bursts of greatness. This article is for anyone who is tired of these small bursts of greatness and is looking to do and achieve more by keeping a sustained drive going for an extended period of time or better yet until the task is done.

Building LASTING MOTIVATION is the deciding factor between Dreaming & Doing. Starting & Finishing. Failing & Succeeding and even Living & Dying.

— TheMansDen —

When we look for our motivation “fix” on Monday mornings or when we start to feel the slump or need to encourage our team at work, we often take snippets of quotes from famous people and look to apply them in our daily lives. The tid-bit of information can often ignite enough of a spark to change the mood in the office for a little while or get us started on a new project. But is a success quote, even the most brilliant one enough to build lasting motivation? How is it that 100 people can read the same quote, 90 of them feel great about it after they read it, yet maybe less than 5 will let it effect their lives? It’s not the quote that does something for the person, it’s that the person has a purpose and that quote has strengthened their purpose.

Lasting Motivation is Purpose:

In modern U.S.A, it’s become almost taboo to speak of purpose as it draws out a religious connotation that many people do not wish to address. However, in our quest to become better men and given the success of motivation quotes, stories and photos it appears that we are constantly on the hunt for ways to impact our purpose.

Lasting Motivation Quote TMD

Brilliant quotes and success stories can only bring a lasting change if they compel you to a greater purpose, otherwise it’s just short lived hype that won’t achieve any lasting results. So if you want to finding lasting motivation, the answer is to not only find your purposes but develop the insight to draw them out.

Stayed tuned for our next edition of Lasting Motivation as we will break down how to identify your purpose in every one of your roles in life.