Hilarious Manly Advice For Sticky Situations

Brotherhood of Uncompromising Men

These are three of our favorite and must see hilarious commercials from Wiser’s that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. We can all relate to finding ourselves in awkward situations with our significant others.  The situation becomes much more awkward when it happens in a public setting such as a mall.

These videos feature men who  find themselves in compromising situations that challenge their ego and sense of manhood.  They must find creative solutions to stay out of the doghouse while maintaining their pride. Take a few minutes to watch the Brotherhood of Uncompromising Men as they silently applaud their brothers in their acts of manliness.

Watch The Brotherhood Of Uncompromising Men; Hilarious!

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 Let us know… would you hold your wife’s purse at the mall? Match sweaters? Drive her yellow VW beetle with built in daisy and Hello Kitty stickers on the bumper? Or would you take the creative way out?