Greek Soccer Clubs Protest New Migrant Deaths

Football Teams Do Sit In Strike Against Migrant Deaths

This weekend two soccer clubs in Greece proved that the sports spotlight can be used for a greater good, a protest highlighting the many lost lives in the continuing European migrant situation.

Soccer Clubs Protest Migrant Deaths

The BBC reported that nearly 3,700 migrants died in 2015 while seeking asylum in Europe, 700 crossing from Turkey into Greece. In total over 1 million people have arrived to seek asylum in Europe in 2015**. The issue continues to attract international attention and while the pot continues to boil there is no solution in sight.

Most public discussions are centered on whether refugees should be allowed to enter and stay in Europe or which country will and should accept them, and how to screen for security.

We’re publishing an honorable mention to these clubs for getting back to what’s important; the lives of innocent men, women and children.

At kick-off the players and officials all took a seat for two minutes before beginning the match.

Greek Football Teams Protesting Migrant DeathsThe final catalyst for  the protest was the  recent news of yet another boat capsized off the coast of the Aegean sea which left at least 39 people dead.

This is the statement released by AEL Larissa as translated directly to English.

Please mind the grammar as we chose keep a direct translation of the official statement:

The administration of FC AEL , the coaches and the players will observe two minutes of silence just after the start of the match AEL – Acharnaikos in memory of the hundreds of children every day losing their lives from brutal indifference EU and Turkey in the Aegean.


The players of FC AEL these two minutes will do sit- trying this drive them to mobilize all those supposedly sensitized for this heinous crime that the perpetrator Sea.

Hat’s off to these two clubs and those that took just 2 minutes away from a soccer match to show that there are much more important issues happening around us.

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