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Subscribe to The Man’s Den and any of our Social Media channels for a chance to win a $150 Amazon.com gift card in our first exclusive giveaway. From now until February 4th, all of our subscribers will be entered in a random draw for the Gift Card.

Exclusive Giveaway

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The giveaway is a bonus, you want to subscribe because we know how hard it is for you to find content that will improve your lifestyle and provoke thought in an age where classic men are quickly disappearing from the main stage. We offer you brilliant style, true substance and daily inspiration to help get you closer to being the man you’ve always wanted to be. This is where the classic man meets the modern man. You don’t want to miss a single post.

If you don’t subscribe, you can’t win, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Subscribe today for your chance to win and be part of TheMan’sDen.

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Giveaway Rules:

  1. Subscribe by email AND follow at least 1  of our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest) BEFORE FEBRUARY 4TH.
  2. All subscribers will be entered into a random draw, one winner will be selected.
  3. If you are selected, we will email you to notify you of your prize. You must respond within 5 business day’s to confirm your acceptance of the $150 Amazon.com gift card.
  4. The Amazon e-gift card will be sent to the giveaway winner via-email.
  5. The winner will be announced as soon as the gift card is sent.
  6. Participant must reside within the United States or Canada.