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Let’s take a ride and visit some of the most beautiful places on route fromValencia Nightlife TMD Barcelona to Valencia in magnificent Spain. This adventure is filled with amazing spots to visit and breath taking scenery. This is sure to be an unforgettable journey into the heart of Spain!

Planning Your Trip:

On a good day, you can book a direct, two-way flight from JFK (New York) to BCN (Barcelona) for around $1,500. Barcelona has it’s highest temperatures in July and August averaging up to about 80 degrees, keep in mind that at our southern most destination in Valencia, it will likely be about 3 degrees warmer. Dress according to the weather pattern and if you plan on being out in the evening, always expect cooler temperatures.

Car rentals are always good since you can go where you like, however we would also recommend considering taking the Euromed Train. For around $60 you can go from Barcelona to Valencia in just over 3 hours. Saving you 30 minutes of driving and giving you the chance to be on a train that goes over 135 mph!

Visiting Barcelona:

In this edition, we’ll stay away from some of the common sites that tourists flock to. Grand structures and all, we are aiming to capture the essence of the people and not just the evidence of the historic empire. Our first stop today is at La Rambla.

La Rambla:

Las-Ramblas-Barcelona- TMD

In the middle of a bustling old brick city, you find Las Ramblas, a completely tree lined street open for pedestrians. It stretches for over a mile and connects many other pedestrian friendly streets. A great place to shop, eat, stroll and just take in the beauty of the city. Not to mention several historic sites and museums. This is a great place to visit and get to know the people of Barcelona.La Rambla TheMansDen

Camp Nou:

FC Barcelona Visiting BarcelonaThis is where the legendary FC Barcelona comes to play! This state of the art stadium has a capacity of over 99,000 people and hosts some of the biggest soccer matches in the world. Come see Lionel Messi and the crew take on the world in this Super Stadium! The season starts in September and runs through May, so if you’re planning a visit to Barcelona, be sure to  scout tickets for a exhilarating experience.

FC Barcelona Stadium


Sure it’s about an hour out of Barcelona, however and especially if you’re aGirona Scenes Game of Thrones fan, you must visit Girona. This is where many scenes are filmed and the town is flowing with character. On one end is a river lined with colorful houses, meanwhile a few minutes out is the Old Quarter or what’s also referred to as the Jewish quarter, which is the complete opposite of the modern world.

Visiting Valencia:

When vising Valencia, here are three places we recommend, we start in the city and when we’re all tired and exhausted from our tourist travels and strolls in Spain, we end up at the beach to sit back and relax.

Monforte Gardens:

Monforte Gardens Valencia espanarusaVisit this picturesque garden and take in the wonderful sculptures and fountains. This is officially considered a artistic garden and will certainly take your breath away. After the busy streets of Barcelona, some fresh green gardens will certainly bring you back to earth.

Monforte Gadens Visit Valencia Themansden

National Porcelain Museum:

Take a step back into the lush porcelain culture of the old world, this museum takes us back to a time where everything was build with heart and sweat. No curve or corner was overlooked and no detail was to intricate.

Vamos a La Playa!:

When you’ve toured all you could, time to hit the sea side, stretch out your legs and find a comfortable spot on the beach. Valencia is the perfect place to do just that. Not to mention it’s a city with a bustling nightlife and prepared to entertain.

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